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Why Consortium? What is a consortium? The Department of Transportation regulations allow for Consortiums to administrate the random testing of regulated employees in order to comply with the DOT standards. A Consortium pools your regulated employees with regulated employees from other companies in order to have a large enough base to select individuals equitably throughout the year.

Should my company be part of a consortium? Consortiums are best for smaller companies and owner/operators to meet the requirements. However, based on the number of regulated employees, Oschmann Employee Screening Services can set up a company specific testing program to meet the federal requirements or enroll you in one of our Department of Transportation drug testing consortiums.

Why Oschmann Employee Screening Services? Oschmann Employee Screening Services offer a variety of DOT consortium options that meet the specific drug and alcohol testing requirements for each mode of transportation. Our random testing costs are built into your annual fees so unlike most other consortiums you will not be charged for every random test that you get selected for. Additionally, OESS is highly regarded by the Federal and State Enforcement Agents from the various modes that have audited our members’ programs. We have been administrating DOT consortium services since 1996.

How does it work? What does the Membership Per Employee fee cover? The fee covers the testing costs (breath alcohol, laboratory, collection fees and medical review officer) for ALL random tests that your employee(s) have been selected for as long as they are completed at one of our covered collection sites. So, if you are selected for a random test, you will NOT be billed for the test. We also prepare and provide you with your DOT required semi-annual laboratory and annual MIS reports. All other tests needed (i.e. pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable cause, etc.) will be billed on a per test basis.

Where do I go to test? Oschmann Employee Screening Services is part of several national networks of collection facilities. We will work to find you a facility that meets your needs within as close a proximity to your location(s) as possible.

How often are the draws? OESS conducts four quarterly testing draws throughout the year.

How do I know if I have been selected? Following each draw, OESS emails out a letter informing you if anyone from your company has been selected to test or not. Those that have been selected will also receive the necessary authorization form and/or chain of custody to take with them to the collection facility. These letters should be kept for your records.

How do I add/remove and employee from the pool or make and address/contact changes for my company? If you have made staffing changes with your regulated employees, simply send us email with your current, updated list of employees to be included in the consortium pool. Additionally, please email us of any address or contact information changes. Emails should be sent to tpa@oschmannscreening.com.

When will I receive my certificate of enrollment and copy of the consortium agreement? Once you complete our online enrollment form and submit payment, you will receive an email that contains your consortium agreement and Certificate of Enrollment that you will be able to print out.

How long does it take to get enrollment packet and chain of custody forms? We prepare and email out your enrollment packet information within 2 business days of receiving your signed agreement and payment confirmation. If you need to get a drug test completed right away please contact our TPA department and they can setup an electronic chain-of-custody at one of our partner collection sites.

Who needs pre-employment drug tests? ALL regulated employees must also have a pre-employment drug test, including owner/operators. These tests should be completed prior to employment starting.

What is the process and time frame to get pre-employment tests done? For new enrollees OESS will contact you with the location of your collection site and the required chain-of-custody form with your enrollment packet. For already enrolled members needing to test a new hire you can send the applicant to your approved existing collection site with a chain-of-custody form that we had previously mailed you. If you need a collection site outside of your assigned collection site please contact tpa@oschmannscreening.com for additional approved collection sites near your applicant.

Do I need a policy? Yes, federal regulations require all companies to have a written drug and alcohol testing policy in place that outlines the requirements for testing, consequences for a positive result, etc.

What is the status of my consortium membership, when is my renewal? Membership is good for one year from the date of enrollment. Our team will mail out a consortium renewal invoice one month before your membership expires to ensure that you remain in compliance. In order to stay in compliance, consortium membership dues must be paid in a timely manner.

What are my FMCSA Clearinghouse requirements? You are required to register with the FMCSA Clearinghouse.  We cannot legally register you in the Clearinghouse on your behalf. To register please go to https://clearinghouse.fmcsa.dot.gov/Register. You are required to run a Full Query on all new hires.  Your applicant is required to register with the Clearinghouse prior to you running the Full Query, if they have not registered you cannot hire them until they have registered and you have run the Full Query. You are also required to run a query (full or limited) annually on all of your CDL licensed drivers, for this first year this must be completed prior to January 6, 2021.  Your driver is not required to have registered with the Clearinghouse to run a limited query but you must have a signed release on file from your driver to run the limited query.  If the limited query comes back with information on your driver you will be required to run a full query on your driver, in which case your driver will be required to register with the Clearinghouse in order for you to run the full query.

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